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There was once a busy consultant with projects all over the country who was often forced to eat on the road. She would scan grocery store aisles looking for a snack that would be healthy, made with clean ingredients, portable, and most importantly taste like a treat when she was on the go, in the middle of no where and wanted something to snack on. When she couldn’t find a snack that met her high  yet simple standards, she decided to make her own. She experimented with flavor combinations and ingredients and realized she had a knack for making delicious and healthy snacks.

She started making them for herself to take on trips and would sometimes share with friends. As the word of these tasty circular treats started to get around town, people started to ask the consultant if she would take orders. As she was already making them for herself, she thought “why not make a few extra?” and that is how Ballers Protein got its start. As their popularity started to grow, so did the number of flavors. 

Ballers Protein now ships nationwide(USA), bringing healthy, clean, tasty and protein-filled snacks to people on all walks of life who are looking to elevate their snack choices. You can feel good about supporting Ballers Protein, the company is woman owned, the products are made in small batches and the ingredients are clean . 

Thank you for your interest,  and remember: these snacks are for ballers only!!!